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MAPS is a nonprofit organization that provides public resources and leadership as we work together to create legalresponsibleevidence–based pathways to psychedelics.

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine is the only entheogen currently legal in the United States and multiple countries around the world.   The uses of this medicine are numerous.  When it comes to life coaching it's very beneficial when trying to work through stubborn blocks and finding the root of negative self-talk.  I work in conjunction with AIRMED and Dr. Brandan located in Central Florida, and together we hold safe space in the clinic for the treatments.  In addition, I work with clients with integration coaching after their treatments. 


Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins has been one of the leading universities working with MAPS and the FDA in the research of a variety of psychedelics and their benefits.


Science Daily

Visit the Science Daily website for recent research findings and current trials regarding a host of different psychedelic medicines.  


The Presence Process

In his book The Presence Process, Michael Brown delves into how our surpressed emotions  from childhood are the drivers for who we are as adults.  So many of us react instead of respond and this is a guide to help us respond instead of react.

The Myth of Normal

Gabor Maté's NY Times best-seller, The Myth of Normal.  This book is a deep dive into why we, as humans are the way we are and what we can do for ourselves and humanity to get back to who we truly are.  We, as a species have emotions and need attachment, but those two things don't always play nice together because of what we've been taught and what others expect us to be.  Read this book as a start to becoming your true you.

Hold on to Your Kids

I will warn you, this is the 2nd of three Gabor Maté (co-authored with Gordon Neufeld) books I recommend.  I would almost put Hold on to Your Kids at the top of the list because it was a total game changer for me personally as a mother.  In my opinion this should be read by EVERY parent, parent to be or grandparent.  We as a society have lost the attachment with our children and those children NEED attachment and will get it other places.  They'll fill their attachment needs online, with their young peers or other adults that may not be a safe person.

Read this for the betterment of your life and your kid's lives.

Trauma Proofing Your Kids 

Peter Levine is the leading expert on Somatic Experiencing. Trauma Proofing Your Kids is a guide for how to work with our kids when struggle happens.  Their struggles many times feel so small to their loving adult, but are indeed very real to them.  These struggles could easily turn into trauma if not handled properly, but this book gives us the tools to keep that from happening.

Scattered Minds

ADD/ADHD has long been thought to be a genetic disorder, but that mindset is changing.  Science is showing something completely different.  The only genetic factor is sensitivity in the child. Outside of that, studies show the cause of ADD/ADHD is trauma based.  This doesn't mean your ADD child has experienced "Big T Trauma", but more common is the "Little T Trauma", things like parents being stressed, or divorce during the early years and crying it out in the crib to name just a few.  This list is long.  I've lived with ADHD my entire life and Scattered Minds written by Gabor Maté has been so enlightening and helped me gain insight into my own struggles and how to work with them in my adult life.

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